The End of POTS is Near!

What is POTS? POTS stands for plain old telephone service referring to the traditional analog voice transmission over copper lines. These lines have become increasingly expensive for utility companies to maintain in recent years and are steadily being abandoned. As of...

Smart Fire Protection Technology

Smart Cities and Fire Protection As buildings and urban areas are beginning to utilize new technologies, we are getting closer to having actual smart cities. And now that the Internet of Things is allowing cities to share data in real time, fire response teams can...

5 Reasons to Perform Routine Fire Alarm Inspections

Regular fire alarm system inspections help ensure system reliability to protect the lives, property and assets within the building. Learn more about why inspections are important, and about three Indianapolis companies that chose Ryan Fireprotection for their fire alarm system installation and inspection.

Code Requirements for Central Station Monitoring

Central station monitoring is commonly used with fire alarm and detection systems to notify your local fire department in the event of a fire incident. A good monitoring service can be the difference between life and death, and a prompt response can also lead to reduced property damage.

New Requirements for Fire Alarm Control Panels

Traditional phone lines are being phased out in favor of digital lines and wireless communications. As fewer households and businesses use traditional lines, the economics of maintaining the copper lines no longer make the most sense for telephone companies. The FCC Technological Advisory Council expects the service to be phased out by 2018. So what does that mean for your facility?

History and Technology of the Fire Alarm System

By the late 1800s, the electric fire alarm system was invented. This was the first time a thermostat could detect heat and trigger the sprinkler system to displace a fire. This was also the birth of fire protection services. As the protection services grew, so did the technology of the fire alarm system.