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Industry-Specific Fire Protection Solutions

We understand that different businesses require unique fire protection strategies. There are often architectural considerations, a variety of flammable materials to protect, specific personnel safety needs, and a myriad of industry-specific fire codes that must be met. We bring this knowledge and expertise to our clients so that their people and property are protected, completely and reliably.


Navigating fire protection codes, regulations, and documentation for healthcare environments is no small feat, but it’s necessary to keep people, property, and assets safe. In an industry that deals with life-or-death situations every day, we’re here to reduce risk where we can.

Heavy Industrial

The heavy industrial sector is known for large facilities, hazardous materials, and complex operations. We’ll consider the challenges involved in your application and design, install, and maintain a fire protection system that overcomes them all.

Light Industrial

Light industrial facilities, like warehouses and distribution centers, are becoming more prominent than ever. With that, their fire protection needs are becoming greater than ever. Let us create a fire protection plan that ensures safe, efficient operations with minimal downtime.


Now more than ever, safety is a top concern for schools and universities nationwide. Fire safety is one key part of that. Let us install a comprehensive fire protection system that’s tailored to your needs and conduct equipment tests before students return each fall.


Specialty facilities like stadiums, churches, museums, and convention centers host major events and welcome thousands of visitors each year. If you’re looking for a fire protection solution that can keep all people and property safe, trust our team to deliver.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with mixed-use properties. We understand and can adapt to the fire protection needs and challenges associated with them. Whatever tailored solution you need, we’re here to provide it, test it, and maintain it.


Multi-family complexes are home to many residents who rely on their property manager for housing, amenities, and (above all) safety. Trust us to install first-class fire protection systems and train your staff on proper operation and maintenance.

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