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Elevate your team’s fire protection expertise with hands-on learning in an environment where knowledge meets practice. Our cutting-edge training lab is where your team can not only learn but also witness live demonstrations. Our experts are on hand to guide you through every aspect, answer your questions, and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the latest techniques and technologies.

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Fire Safety Training Programs

Fire Safety Training Programs

Prepare your team with the tools they need to respond quickly, calmly, and effectively to a fire emergency. At Ryan Fireprotection, we offer a number of fire training programs — from extinguisher training at your facility to custom demonstrations at our in-house training lab.

BullsEye™ Fire Extinguisher Training

To better prepare your team for a fire in the workplace, we’ve teamed up with Bullex to offer BullsEye™, the latest in fire training technology. BullsEye™ is a unique, laser-driven fire extinguisher training experience that utilizes simulated smoke and digital flames to simulate a fire emergency. This training will teach proper fire extinguisher usage techniques in almost any work setting of your choice — near an employee’s desk, in the warehouse, community kitchen, and more.

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