Special Hazards

Our expertise includes facilities that require unique fire protection solutions.

Facilities like data centers, power plants, and museums house valuables and irreplaceable assets. You can trust our team to design, install, and service systems to protect facilities like these.

Special Hazards Ryan Fireprotection

Special Hazard Solutions

Our team will visit your site to determine the best options for your facility.

Types of special hazard systems we install include:

  • Pre-action sprinkler systems
  • Firefighting foam and alternatives to AFFF
  • Deluge
  • Clean agents
  • CO2
  • Early suppression, fast response (ESFR) systems
  • Advanced Detection
  • Water Mist

Our Trusted Brands

There are a variety of special fire protection hazard solutions on the market. Our team works with these brands to ensure peak performance.

Janus Fire Systems®

Janus® products are ideal for situations where traditional sprinkler systems aren’t sufficient

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Firetrace™ special hazard systems are proven to meet the highest performance standards

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Stat-X® utilizes advanced aerosol technology to fight special hazards, while simultaneously

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Vesda by Xtralis

VESDA® by xtralis

VESDA® very early warning smoke detection solutions provide the earliest possible warning of an impending

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Victaulic Vortex™

Victaulic Vortex™ is a dual agent fire extinguishing system designed for use in water sensitive facilities

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Edwards EST

Featuring a new network architecture, EST4 makes fire alarm, mass notification, and building integration easy

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On the Forefront of 
AFFF Alternatives

While AFFF is an effective fire suppressant, it contains hazardous per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. As the world turns toward more responsible, sustainable alternatives, our team is leading the charge with Planit Safe™.

Planit Safe™ is a clean, surrogate foam testing liquid, so you can protect your people and environment from adverse effects of system discharge during regular testing protocols.

Planit Safe

Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Services

A good inspection can confirm if a special hazard system is working properly.

Our team provides 24/7 emergency services to customers within a two-hour drive of our locations.

These Are Examples of Tasks Completed During a Special Hazards Inspection:

  • Checking cylinder pressures and weights
  • Identifying changes in hazard integrity
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Inspecting agent piping and nozzles
  • Supervising input and output circuits
  • Simulating system discharges and testing releasing circuits
  • Hydrotesting dates for cylinders and discharge hoses

Ensure your system is ready to respond to a fire emergency.

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