5 Reasons to Perform Routine Fire Alarm Inspections

Why Do I Need a Fire Alarm System?

Fact: Fire alarm and detection systems save lives. According to the NFPA, in 2015 there were 113,500 non-residential structural fires resulting in 1,425 injuries and 80 deaths and over $3 billion in property damage.  Installing a fire alarm system provides heat or smoke detection to notify the occupants of a fire. With early detection, occupants can evacuate promptly to prevent the chance of injury or property damage.

The Orchard School

The Orchard School, a private and independent school on the Northside of Indianapolis, saw the significance of having a state-of-the-art fire alarm and detection system to protect their students year round. In lieu of brash sirens and bells, Ryan Fireprotection installed a voice evacuation system, which sounded clear and concise instructions, guiding students and faculty to safety. The system also possessed the ability to modify the broadcast message in the event of any other catastrophe, giving the school the flexibility and the ability to act fast if another type of incident were to occur.
Having a fire alarm and detection system in place is important, but making certain your system is operating correctly is even more critical. Regular fire alarm inspections help ensure system reliability to protect the lives, property and assets within the building. Regularly tested fire alarm systems hold many other benefits as well.

Just Add Water Boats

After experiencing fire damage, Just Add Water Boats, an Indianapolis-based boat dealer, sought to install a new and improved fire alarm system for their warehouse facility and pump houses. Ryan Fireprotection worked with the fire marshal to ensure requirements and code were met when installing monitoring panels in each facility. These panels send a signal to the main control panel which reports the event to an outside monitoring center. Notification appliances known as horn/strobes were also installed in several locations outside of the building to signal the fire location for the fire department.

Why Do I Need to Inspect My Fire Alarm System?

1. Protect People and Property

As mentioned above, the first (and most important) reason for regular inspections is obvious…to protect the people and property associated with the structure you are safe guarding. Fire Alarm systems and regular inspections confirm a properly working system, creating a safe environment for any and all occupants of the building – whether they are students, tenants, customers, or employees.

2. It’s the Law!

Regular inspection of fire alarm systems certifies that building owners are within the standards and requirements of NFPA 72. Following this standard allows for compliance with other federal, state, and local municipal laws. Read the Top 15 Alarm Inspection Requirements any building owner should know and understand.

3. Insurance Purposes
Insurance companies often require proof that a facility’s fire alarm system is up-to-date with inspection requirements. But an even more valuable reason for maintaining a regular inspection schedule: if a claim was ever filed on a property that fails to meet set guidelines, that claim could very well be rejected. In short, conducting regular inspections will reduce unexpected out of pocket costs.

4. Decrease Liability Claims
In the event of a fire, the liability due to injury or death by occupants will be limited if proof of inspection can be provided. Proof of inspection demonstrates that the fire alarm system is within code and properly operational. On the other hand, if proof of inspection cannot be provided, building owners could be held accountable for injury or death caused by the incident.

5. Discover Issues Within Your System

In order to properly detect errors in your fire alarm system and to make certain that it is operating correctly, it’s crucial to conduct periodic inspections and testing. If certain components are not functioning as they should, a plan to remedy can be put in place to ensure proper performance in the event of a fire.


Cornerstone, a real estate and building management company, sought to install a new fire alarm system to their building on the northwest side of Indianapolis, after their existing system became damaged. This building housed several medical offices and sat in the heart of the St. Vincent medical campus. Ryan Fireprotection replaced the unrepairable system and installed a new system, including the fire system initiating devices and notification appliances for each tenant space.
Ryan Fireprotection understands the importance of having a dependable fire alarm and detection system. Learn more about our other fire alarm services.

Aug 30, 2018 | Fire Alarm and Detection

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