EST3 to 4 Migration – What you need to know

EST3 to 4 Migration – What you need to know

As technology continues to advance, it is important for organizations to stay updated with the latest advancement in systems and equipment. With the EST3 sunset, it is only a matter of time before parts become obsolete. Following the EST3 sunset, Edwards launched EST4, an advanced UL 864 and UL 2572-listed networked fire alarm and emergency communications platform. It is tailored for facilities that need to adapt to a wider range of panel-to-panel alarm network setups beyond traditional Class A and B wiring. 

Now is the opportune time for EST3 users to upgrade to EST4. EST4 integrates cutting-edge technological innovations, ensuring adherence to codes, responsiveness, and enhancing efficiency and survivability for the system’s components. In this article, we will explore the basics of the EST4 fire alarm system and discuss the reasons to consider upgrading. 

What to expect with EST4 Does

The EST4 system represents notable advancements from the EST3. For example, the new system integrates state-of-the-art technologies and features to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability. Understanding some key features and benefits the EST4 system has to offer is essential for organizations considering making the upgrade. 

If you have already made the investment in an EST3 system, upgrading to EST4 protects your initial investment and will add value to your system. Even so, Edwards has designed the EST4 with backward compatibility in mind, streamlining the transition process to minimize both downtime and costs.  

Some key features and benefits:

Modern Protection 

  • Makes life safety communication simple to service 
  • Secure from cyberthreats 
  • Easy to implement in a wide range of facilities, including multi-building campuses 

Database Storage/Archiving  

  • Access to the latest database
  • Multiple copies
  • Available for retrieval 

User Friendly Interface  

  • Quickly disable or enable devices via Protected Login
  • Color coded
  • Easy to identify events at a glance 

Better Detection 

  • Optica detectors that differentiate between nuisance alarms and serious hazards
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Increase efficiency 


  • 200 digital audio channels 
  • 120 nodes
  • 300K signature devices 
  • Software controlled


  • Two-way communication with external devices enabling real-time system status and decision making from anywhere
  • Incorporates messages via email and SMS
  • Allows for instant notification to the appropriate personnel regarding specific events

Upgrading to EST4 offers numerous benefits for organizations seeking an advanced life safety solution. With its powerful features and improved performance, EST4 offers a comprehensive fire alarm and life safety system, protecting assets and improving operational efficiency. Ultimately, making the transition from EST3 to EST4 will help organizations stay ahead in the changing world of life safety technology and keep them compliant with evolving safety codes.  


Need to make the upgrade to EST4? We are ready to provide design, installation support, inspection, testing, and maintenance services. See what’s possible for your facility by contacting us today 

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