System Flushing

On occasion, the results of an Obstruction Investigation require a system flushing. This process clears the piping and components of potential blockages by using a pressurized water source.

Keeping Track of Inspection Documents

The NFPA and other accreditation organizations require inspection documents to be maintained by the building owners and/or facility managers. It is prudent for a building owner and/or facility manager to ensure that all required records are in place and up to date, to be ready for any inspection by an AHJ, insurance inspector or compliance auditor.

Maintaining Your Fire Pump

As a building owner, staying compliant with fire codes helps maximize system integrity and allows fast, effective response in the event of a fire emergency. This includes knowing when and how to test and maintain a fire pump.

Backflow Preventers 101

Have you ever wondered how drinking water is separated from the water in sprinkler systems and pipes? The difference is potable (treated, drinking quality) vs. non-potable (untreated, not fit for drinking) water. Backflow preventers are responsible for keeping potable water clean and free of contaminants.