Clean Foam Testing

New knowledge about the environmental impact of AFFF firefighting foams is requiring new behaviors in the fire protection industry. There are concerns about the impact of PFAS-containing foams (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), which include firefighting foams. These foams are used in fire protection systems found in areas with flammable liquids. They are commonly used in airports, industrial facilities, and chemical processing plants. However, fire protection companies now must capture and dispose of the foam water solution in order to protect water supplies. The current means of disposal is thermal incineration, which comes at a high cost for companies. The fact that these types of fire protection systems have to be regularly tested creates a dilemma for the industry. Congress is now pushing legislation that would put limits on these chemicals in drinking water, so the fire protection industry needs to adapt now.

Ryan Fireprotection is taking the initiative to provide building owners and managers with an environmentally responsible testing option that allows them to be compliant with government standards without incurring the high costs associated with thermal incineration. Ryan Fireprotection is partnering with Vector Fire Technology, Inc. to provide our customers with Planit Safe Surrogate Liquid Testing. We bring a surrogate tank on site and connect it to the foam fire protection system for testing. This safe surrogate liquid mimics the real firefighting foam that contains the hazardous chemicals, but the surrogate foam does not require capture and disposal, which saves time and money. To learn more about this alternative foam system testing method, contact Ryan Fireprotection today.


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