Project Profile: Eddy Street Commons, Phase II

Eddy Street Commons Project

Phase II of the Eddy Street Commons project is underway in the Northeast neighborhood of South Bend, IN, just south of the Notre Dame University campus. The project features 8,500 square feet of restaurant space, 17 “flex” units, 433 apartment units, 22 single-family homes, a new Robinson Community Learning Center, and a stand-alone grocery store. The flex units are street-level units that can be used for residential or commercial use depending on what is needed. The project was designed with input from nearby home and business owners, the city of South Bend, and the University of Notre Dame.

The Eddy Street Commons project is one of the ways in which the city and university are working to improve the Northeast neighborhood. The South Bend Heritage Foundation, Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization, and Northeast Neighborhood Council all worked together to get the project approved. Completion is set for the middle of 2020 and the graduate apartments are set to open sometime in 2019.

Ryan Fireprotection was contracted to install a wet fire suppression system in each building. The four-story buildings were equipped with stand pipe systems and the parking garages are fully outfitted with sprinklers. Ryan Fireprotection used Reliable sprinkler heads and Spears Flameguard CPVC piping in the apartment buildings.


Jun 25, 2019 | Company News

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