Roche Diagnostics Sprinkler System Installation

Construction of the spiral staircase at Roche Diagnostics.In a three-story office space on the Roche Diagnostics campus in Fishers, Ind., Ryan Fireprotection professionals are busy installing wet sprinkler systems for the entire building. Ryan Fireprotection has worked on the Roche campus for many years, overseeing much of the company’s fire protection needs. However, this particular project posed a new and unique challenge: a large, spiral staircase stretching up three floors. To find the right solution, the team needed a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

The Challenge

Blake Pedigo, Project Manager at Ryan Fireprotection, and his team were tasked with installing a wet sprinkler system underneath a large, wide spiral staircase. The project required minimal fittings due to a custom ceiling that sits below the staircase. Minimal fittings would help prevent future leaks from causing problems for the area, including the ceiling below it.

The team had to determine the best way to install hard copper piping around the structure, including how to bend, braze together and hang the copper wire to the same arc and dimensions as the staircase. No one had been able to accomplish this before, however the Ryan Fireprotection team was up to the task.

Project Completion

Since the team needed the copper piping to work without kinking the pipes, they decided to develop a custom template for the arc on the ground of the staircase and then installed drop-in anchors. They were then able to heat and bend 90 feet of copper piping to fit around the template. By welding brackets with hangers to the staircase, they were able to secure the piping successfully.

“After a week of work, we were able to successfully install the wet sprinkler system in the staircase,” said Pedigo. “This was one part of a bigger project, but it was a unique challenge for us that required an innovative solution from our team.”

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Mar 30, 2016 | Company News, Fire Sprinklers

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