Firefighter Recruit Training Session

Training Firefighter Recruits

Ryan Fireprotection believes strongly in supporting the men and women in fire rescue service. That is why they recently held a training session to educate 67 fire rescue recruits on how to work with fire protection systems while extinguishing a fire. This information armed these recruits with another tool to protect them from danger while working in their challenging field. They now understand how fire sprinkler systems work to control and extinguish fires and most importantly protect them from structural collapse.

The training focused on how to use fire sprinklers to their advantage while working to extinguish the flames. Ryan Fireprotection covered how wet, dry, and preaction systems work. The training also touched on control valves, including what they look like and how they operate. The course included how firefighters can support fire protection systems with their fire engines. Other topics included how fire pumps operate, the spray patterns of sprinklers, and how to minimize water damage by putting a wooden wedge in the sprinkler to block the flow of water.

These courses take place annually, as Ryan Fireprotection believes it is vital to work with every incoming class of recruits. If you are a recruit or firefighter who would like to join the next session, please contact Ryan Fireprotection today.

Jul 2, 2019 | Company News

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