Notre Dame Stadium Expansion

Construction underway for Campus Crossroads at University of Notre DameIt is an exciting time for the University of Notre Dame, as they undertake the largest building project in campus history. “This is the most audacious building project the University of Notre Dame has ever undertaken,” noted Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., President. The Campus Crossroads Project will encompass more than 750,000 square feet to enhance teaching, research and game day experience. The overall project includes an east, west and south addition to the current Notre Dame Stadium.

Before the new project could begin, the University of Notre Dame needed to consider which companies they would work with. Given the sheer size of this project, it was certain they would need to work with teams they could trust.

Ryan Fireprotection has a long-standing relationship with the University of Notre Dame. Aside from the Irish Heritage they share, Ryan Fireprotection has performed campus-wide maintenance for more than six years. However, the Campus Crossroads project is the largest project that Ryan Fireprotection has worked with the University of Notre Dame on. After winning the contract to design and install multiple sprinkler systems in the east and west additions, the team began work in 2015.

Campus Crossroads construction at Notre DameBeginning the Project

The west addition of the project will reach nine stories, consume 400,000 square feet and be home to student life activities. The east addition will serve as a new resource for the anthropology and psychology departments as well as a digital media center. The west and east additions will also create an additional 3,000 to 4,000 premium seats for the football stadium.

For the east and west additions, Ryan Fireprotection’s efforts included designing and installing 2 dry systems, 21 wet systems and 2 pre-action systems.

Project Completion and Beyond

With approximately 15 team members solely dedicated to this project, the Ryan Fireprotection team has taken an active role in the Campus Crossroads construction efforts and continues to make progress daily. The Campus Crossroads project is set for completion in August 2017.

Sep 8, 2016 | Company News, Fire Sprinklers

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