A Much Needed Facelift for Our Local Offices

With the growth of Ryan Fireprotection over the past few years, we decided to give our offices a much needed “facelift” in an effort to provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere for our employees, clients, and business partners. With each Ryan Fireprotection office renovation or remodel, it was important to emphasize our brand and our mission, while creating an environment of productivity and efficiency.

South Bend

During the 2007 U.S. recession, we made the hard decision to close the doors on our South Bend office. As the economy recovered, the market in this area began to grow quickly. We re-opened the office in 2017 where we found an empty warehouse shell to call our home. Our local employees took it upon themselves to manage this renovation from start to finish. The South Bend location currently consists of an office space with an open conference room and bathroom, as well as 4,000 sq. ft. of shop floor space used during fabrication for local projects. Learn more about our South Bend location


After completing the South Bend office, we decided it was time to freshen up some of our other offices. We started with our Louisville location, where a complete gut and remodel took place. We decided to expand our office space from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet as we were quickly outgrowing our old space. The office included brand new restrooms, freshly updated office furniture, and a large break area for the employees to enjoy.

The remodel gave us an opportunity to add some fun items around the space to complement our mission and culture. Branded signage was added in many areas throughout the office walls. A custom red, firehouse garage door provided both a fun and functional piece, which when opened, created a large conference room space for the many training and customer events hosted at this location.

The remodel also trickled into our shop area, providing a better and more productive space for our shop employees. Upgraded LED lighting was installed throughout the warehouse and the shop restroom was remodeled. We officially completed the Louisville office in January of 2018. Learn more about our Louisville location


In April 2018, we began to brainstorm on how we could maximize some underutilized space in our Noblesville office. We quickly noticed that the old breakroom wasn’t being used often since it was isolated from the majority of traffic flow. The new space was opened up and provided a comfortable space for employees to conduct impromptu team meetings, project turnovers, or to just sit and have a cup of coffee while working on their laptops. Alongside this renovated area, more modern carpet and wall coverings were installed to freshen up the 20-year old building. Learn more about our Noblesville location


Oct 26, 2018 | Company News

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