Project Profile: Mercedes-Benz of Louisville

Mercedes-Benz of Louisville

The brand new Mercedes-Benz of Louisville opened June 3, 2019 and this high-end dealership offers more than just cars on a lot. Formerly known as Tafel Motors, Mercedes-Benz of Louisville has a campus-like setting. This new take on car dealerships includes 10 beautifully landscaped areas with trees, hedges, park benches, and European cobble. This massive 74,000-square-foot building includes the customer showroom, sales space, guest service areas, guest lounge, and offices. It can showcase up to 300 vehicles and includes 35 service bays and a massive car wash facility. There is also a large outdoor canopy area and a plaza with seating for special events and receptions.

Ryan Fireprotection was proud to be a part of the construction team by equipping the building with a complete fire protection system including a wet system, dry system, backflow prevention, as well as upright and pendant sprinklers on flex drops. In addition, the underground water supply was installed including a fire hydrant. This facility has the latest fire prevention technologies included to match an array of high-end finishes.

The design of the building includes floating paneled ceilings. The installation of the panels required close coordination with the building contractors. The facility also includes a Jewel Box, which is Mercedes-Benz’s glass car-lift that displays their state of the art cars and SUVs.


Jun 27, 2019 | Company News

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