The Importance of In-House Fabrication

As a part of Ryan Fireprotection’s commitment to delivering the best in fire protection services in the Midwest, Ryan has its own in-house fabrication facility.

Ryan Fireprotection’s fabrication facility can handle large and small jobs alike. Specialized jobs like fabricating large‑sized manifolds or working with stainless-steel piping are no problem for our experienced fabrication team. Nothing is better for the end user than to be served by an in-house fabrication team. There are many advantages to having this in‑house as compared to using outside fabrication shops.


The first of the advantages is time. The turnaround time for an outside, contracted shop can typically be two weeks. This is because they are serving many other clients. The turnaround time for Ryan Fireprotection’s in-house fabrication is normally just a day or two. In addition, having the fabrication shop under Ryan Fireprotection’s control allows the schedule to be dictated by the needs of the customer. We have the ability to prioritize the schedule as needed. And, in case of a dire need there is 24‑hour emergency service.


Cost is also a factor. Having the work done in-house can save money since Ryan Fireprotection does not have to pay the markup of an outside fabrication shop. This allows us to be extremely competitive and thus pass savings along to our customers. Another way the in-house team saves money is the way it organizes each shipment. Using thoughtful, intelligent organization to stack the fabricated products in the order they will be needed on the job site can save on installation time and labor. Workers do not have to hunt through stacks of materials to find the next needed part. This also cuts down on the mess at job sites where material typically gets strewn about as they are searched through. Clients can also count on the fabricated materials to reach the job site since the fabrication team uses Ryan Fireprotection’s in-house trucking and delivery operations thus reducing possible costly delays.


Quality control is also very important. Having in-house fabrication allows Ryan Fireprotection to control the quality of the product. We value the importance of quality checks to validate the size, type, and length of the tubing; to test the integrity of the welds; and to check the treading process. Every tenth piece is checked in large runs. High-quality, computerized equipment is used in the fabrication process including North Alabama automated-welding equipment, which cuts and robotically welds outlets onto pipes. This ensures quality welds under the precision control of a computer.

No matter what type of fire control system or the size of the job, Ryan Fireprotection’s in-house fabrication team can handle it. Contact Ryan Fireprotection to discuss your fire protection needs.

Jan 25, 2017 | New Construction, Renovation

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