Protecting Indianapolis’s Historic-Inspired Ironworks

The unique style and construction of the Ironworks hotel and apartments in Indianapolis provide guests and residents a modern glimpse into America’s industrial history. The Ironworks Hotel and the Ironworks at Keystone sit on Indianapolis’s near Northside off of 86th Street. The 19th-century-inspired architecture of both properties includes rustic wooden floors, exposed brick walls and striking steel I-beams in the entryways and throughout the main common areas.

Beginning the Project

Construction on the award-winning Ironworks properties began just over 3 ½ years ago. The general contractor for this project, Shiel Sexton, recruited Ryan Fireprotection to install fire sprinkler systems in both the apartment building and hotel. The mixed-use apartment building was constructed first, and opened to residents in late 2014. Ironworks at Keystone includes 120 high-end apartments as well as amenities such as a fitness area, clubhouse, media room, and an underground parking garage for tenants.

Ironworks Hotel was constructed directly adjacent to Ironworks at Keystone and opened to patrons in September of 2017. Also reflecting design elements of America’s industrial age, the luxury hotel features 120 guest rooms, a stunning main lobby, meeting rooms, and a rooftop lounge. When combined, the Ironworks properties have over 50,000 square feet of ground-level retail space that is currently leased by restaurants, salons and fitness centers.

Project Features

Ryan Fireprotection installed wet sprinkler systems in both buildings according to the NFPA 13 guidelines. The wet systems in each building contain zone shut-off controls, allowing access to one floor at a time in the event of a fire. In addition, Ryan incorporated standpipe systems in the stairwells which allows for fire department access to the system’s water supply. A dry sprinkler system, commonly installed where freezing conditions exist, was included in the underground parking garage.

Keeping with the industrialized style, the hotel and apartment common areas highlight the exposed mechanicals and ductwork. Because the mechanicals are not enclosed in the ceiling, Ryan Fireprotection installed steel pipe in the spaces that were visible. Fabrication took place at Ryan’s facility and required a significant amount of engineering precision as well as coordination with the other subcontractors during installation.

Project Challenges and Solutions

In a highly custom construction project such as Ironworks, preplanning and communication among contractors is especially important. When discrepancies arise among mechanical subcontractors, a suitable solution is needed swiftly to ensure the project’s success. Ryan’s design engineering team played an important role throughout the construction process, allowing for mechanical changes to be addressed before installation, while keeping the project timeline and budget in mind.

In most fire sprinkler installations, a 225-square-foot coverage sprinkler head is standard protocol. However, the square footage of some units of the Ironworks Hotel, mandated an extended sprinkler head for coverage up to 400 square feet. These larger orifice sprinkler heads require more water and more pressure from the main system, which was taken into consideration in the design and installation of the sprinkler systems.

Continuing the Project

After installation of the fire sprinkler systems, Ryan Fireprotection worked directly with the developer to build out the ground level retail space. This process ensures the proper codes and requirements are met for each business type leasing the available space. Ryan has also been designated to provide inspection services for the sprinkler systems for Ironworks, as well as for many of the businesses on the ground level. The maintenance agreements allow Ryan to conduct periodic inspections and testing, to ensure the systems remain operational and effective.

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