Fire Sprinklers

Fire Sprinkler Systems

A fire sprinkler system is a critical part to protecting your personnel and property. As a fire sprinkler contractor with decades of experience, Ryan Fireprotection is uniquely suited to advise on the system that is best for your facility. Our technicians are experts at fire sprinkler installation, but are also incredibly experienced with fire sprinkler inspections, which are required to be performed regularly. We provide fire sprinkler installation, inspection, and service in every type of commercial building, including manufacturing warehouses, assisted living facilities, and multi-family apartment complexes. And our technicians have the expertise to customize each system for a facility’s specific needs.

Fire Sprinkler Installation

The Ryan Fireprotection design team prepares for fire sprinkler installations with 2D or 3D renderings of a space to identify and avoid potential complications. The installation is then customized to the facility, ensuring all trades are aligned on the best approach to installation. This extra measure of detail ensures we meet all fire codes, insurance requirements, and the building’s specific needs.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Ryan Fireprotection performs regular annual fire sprinkler inspections, as well as the required quarterly flow tests. We perform physical checks on all parts of the fire sprinkler system and conduct the following tests to confirm all components are working properly:

  • Water flow tests
  • Fire pump tests
  • Alarm system tests
  • Trip tests for dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge valves

Fire Sprinkler Maintenance

Proper maintenance and inspections ensure your fire sprinkler system is 100% reliable and effective until your next inspection. Trust the technicians at Ryan Fireprotection to repair and maintain your system for optimal performance and to provide unparalleled customer service.
Fire pump

Protect The Heart Of Your Fire Protection System

Some fire protection systems need fire pumps to maintain an adequate water supply by increasing pressure for fire suppression. Faulty pump suction, malfunctioning valve alarms, or improperly operating relief valves can all contribute to failure of a fire pump and spell disaster. That’s why Ryan Fireprotection performs periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire pumps. We want to make certain that the heart of your system is ready to perform if ever necessary.

Which Sprinkler System Is Best For Your Facility?

Wet Systems

  • Continuously filled with water
  • Can only be used in environments that consistently maintain a temperature above 40° F
  • Recommended for most facilities

Dry Systems

  • Filled with pressurized air rather than water
  • Commonly installed where freezing conditions exist, such as attics, loading docks, and commercial freezers

Pre-Action Systems

  • Similar to a dry system, but with an electrically-operated valve that controls water into the piping system
  • Commonly found where high-value content is stored, such as computer rooms, MRI rooms, and art museums

FM-200/FE 25 Systems

  • Waterless, clean agent fire suppression systems
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic
  • Leave no residue upon discharge and require no clean-up
Learn more and compare the most common types of sprinkler systems here.

Allison Transmission

Indianapolis, IN

During a recent renovation at Allison Transmission, Ryan Fireprotection installed flexible sprinkler heads in existing control rooms and their adjacent test cells, and a dry sidewall sprinkler to protect an exterior nitrogen storage tank located directly outside of the building.

Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse

Indianapolis, IN

The recent overhaul of Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse’s fire sprinkler system required the installation of 10+ miles of sprinkler line and nearly 4,000 sprinkler heads. The building’s architecture and National Register of Historic Places designation presented challenges that required us to approach the project with innovative thinking and flexibility.

Eddy Street Commons

South Bend, IN

The four buildings that comprise Eddy Street Commons were constructed simultaneously, which required Ryan Fireprotection to dispatch significant resources to install the wet systems in the apartments, retail space, and University of Notre Dame administration building, as well as a dry system in the parking garage, in only 12 months.

Owensboro Regional Hospital

Owensboro, KY

The hospital found that patients were occasionally damaging the fire sprinkler heads, which would activate the wet sprinkler system and cause damage to the entire wing. We converted the wet system to a pre-action system, and now provide inspections and service to keep this top-notch facility code compliant and its patients safe.

Axis on Washington

Louisville, KY

This complex is comprised of three five-story buildings, with garage space below. We installed wet systems with over 4,500 sprinkler heads in the residential areas, a standpipe system, and a dry system in the attic. These buildings are unusually tall for wood structures, which required us to create a bird cage system to hang the pipes securely.

Valparaiso High School

Valparaiso, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed 3,600 sprinkler heads to secure over 10,000 square feet of previously unprotected space, including classrooms, laboratories, administration offices, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium. We could not begin work or even plan our design until demolition of the old structure was complete, and everything had to be coordinated to not disrupt the classes in session.

Pulliam Square & The Whit

Indianapolis, IN

The first floor of Pulliam 1 features retail space and a loading dock, requiring our team to install a dry system that will not freeze. Floors 2-5 are apartments with wet systems. We are preparing to continue the wet system into Pulliam 2, the new nine-story building, via a second-floor skywalk from Pulliam 1.

West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs, IN

Now part of French Lick Resort, West Baden Springs Hotel has been restored to its original opulence. A historic renovation of this scale requires specialized knowledge of fire codes and architectural considerations. Our team installed over 20 wet and dry sprinkler systems, as well as standpipes, a fire pump, and a water canon deluge.

Bluegrass Chemical Agent Destruction Plant

Richmond, KY

This structure was fabricated with a web of steel beams that had to be explosion-proof, which made installation of fire protection systems (wet, dry, pre-action, and high-speed deluge) complex. We were on-site over the course of two years to complete the project, with most of our work done on scaffolding that was hand-assembled and moved each day.

University of Louisville, Student Center Expansion

Louisville, KY

The challenge with installing a wet system of 500 sprinkler heads over 300,000 square feet of new and renovated space is not just in the scale of the project. When it happens on a campus like University of Louisville, there are significant logistics to coordinate. Our team planned the installation with 3D design software and ensured the highest safety standards during the process.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Indianapolis, IN

Home to the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever, Bankers Life is one of the nation’s most admired sports and entertainment venues. It regularly hosts NCAA tournaments, concerts by premier entertainers, and other high-profile events. Ryan Fireprotection was part of the construction team, installing over 5,000 sprinkler heads, 17 fire protection systems, and a 1,250 GPM electric fire pump.

IU Health Simon Cancer Center

Indianapolis, IN

The Simon Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art hospital and research center, with the need for state-of-the-art fire protection systems. During a recent expansion and renovation, Ryan Fireprotection installed the wet and dry sprinkler systems. The use of building information modeling (BIM) technology allowed us to expeditiously resolve concerns so that Simon Cancer Center could continue providing patients with critical treatment and care.

Clariant Global

Louisville, KY

For the recent expansion of Clariant’s manufacturing facility, Ryan Fireprotection designed and installed multiple special hazard systems that use infrared/ultraviolet flame detection for immediate warnings, combined with fire pumps and foam suppression to protect the raw material and finished product inventories.  Clean agent systems were implemented in data processing rooms to protect high-value assets and maintain operations in the event of a fire.

Walmart Distribution Center

Plainfield, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed 30,000 sprinkler heads in this warehouse facility that covers over one million square feet. We also protected four gigantic pick modules, each four levels high, with an additional 4,000 sprinklers each, and added two fire pumps to support storage and office space. Our team provides ongoing fire protection services as this facility continues to expand.