Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against small fires until help arrives. Every second counts, and saving lives and property is too important to trust anything less than the best. Ryan Fireprotection ensures each facility we service has the right fire extinguishing equipment and meets all fire code requirements. A dedicated team of Ryan technicians even trains personnel so that they are fully prepared to handle the situation safely and confidently.
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To ensure a facility has the proper fire extinguishers, Ryan Fireprotection begins by determining installation requirements and hazard class.

  • Class A: ordinary combustibles
  • Class B: flammable liquids
  • Class C: electrical fires
  • Class D: flammable metals
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The inspection ensures the extinguisher is fully functional in case of an emergency. A complete extinguisher inspection by Ryan Fireprotection includes:

  • Confirming that extinguishing agent is full
  • Checking all external parts to verify they are working properly
  • Testing cylinder to ensure it is holding the proper pressure
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A fire extinguisher is only effective if it works properly in an emergency. Ryan Fireprotection offers routine and emergency maintenance of fire extinguishers, and can help address issues so that you can feel secure in your fire protection.

Prepare Your Employees With BullsEye™

Ryan Fireprotection can help better prepare your employees for a fire in the workplace through our innovative BullsEye™ training technology. This unique, laser-driven fire extinguishing training experience utilizes simulated smoke and digital flames to train for a real fire emergency. OSHA requires employers to provide annual educational programs to familiarize employees with the general principles of firefighting and proper extinguisher use. With our safe, realistic, and cost-effective training system, your company will join thousands of others who are properly trained to keep their workplaces safe.

Cambria Suites

Westfield, IN

This hotel just north of Indianapolis reached out to Ryan Fireprotection to keep their guests safe. Our team provided a thorough inspection of the facilities, then installed fire extinguishers and cases at the proper locations. Safety, code compliance, and unparalleled customer service – it’s why the best places to stay, stay with us.