Fire protection for commercial renovations


Renovations can demand special expertise when it comes to fire protection services. A retrofit or renovation project requires a thorough investigation and understanding of the infrastructure and mechanicals in an old, often historic property, and then the ability to seamlessly weave a new and enhanced fire protection system into that architecture.
Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Renovation projects routinely present challenges. That’s why the Ryan Fireprotection team looks at the big picture, then maps out detailed plans that serve as digital blueprints. We can chart the installation of fire protection systems in existing structures around other trades. Being adaptable means we’re quick to find smart solutions.
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Ryan Fireprotection’s in-house fabrication shop helps save time and money, and allows us to ensure quality control.  From fabricating large‑sized manifolds to working with stainless-steel piping, our experienced fabrication team contributes to a quality renovation job done right.
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Commercial or residential, wet or dry system, underground piping or water storage tanks – each renovation project has different requirements. Our skilled technicians will install the appropriate fire protection systems for your renovation project.

Allison Transmission

Indianapolis, IN

During a recent renovation at Allison Transmission, Ryan Fireprotection installed flexible sprinkler heads in existing control rooms and their adjacent test cells, and a dry sidewall sprinkler to protect an exterior nitrogen storage tank located directly outside of the building.

West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs, IN

Now part of French Lick Resort, West Baden Springs Hotel has been restored to its original opulence. A historic renovation of this scale requires specialized knowledge of fire codes and architectural considerations. Our team installed over 20 wet and dry sprinkler systems, as well as standpipes, a fire pump, and a water canon deluge.

Rolls Royce

Indianapolis, IN

This project started in 2001 and is being phased over several years. All told, Ryan Fireprotection is installing 22 wet systems and three specialty systems. This massive undertaking is powered by two fire pumps, one electric and the other diesel. The size, duration, and degree of specialty involved are all a testament to our expertise and customer service.

Illinois Street Senior Apartments

Indianapolis, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed a wet system in this historic four-story building, but two-thirds of the first floor was a parking garage that required a dry system. Designing innovative solutions that make sense and reduce project times cost are things we do every day, and we put our expertise into practice for this renovation.

Purdue University, Cary Quadrangle

West Lafayette, IN

Now a five-building complex, Cary Quadrangle is Purdue University’s oldest and largest residence hall. Built from 1928 to 1939, the buildings underwent a six-phase renovation to improve livability, add modern conveniences, and maintain code compliance. Having worked on multiple construction projects at Purdue, we expanded our relationship with the institution and installed all the wet sprinkler systems as part of this large renovation project.

Owensboro Regional Hospital

Owensboro, KY

The hospital found that patients were occasionally damaging the fire sprinkler heads, which would activate the wet sprinkler system and cause damage to the entire wing. We converted the wet system to a pre-action system, and now provide inspections and service to keep this top-notch facility code compliant and its patients safe.

333 Penn

Indianapolis, IN

The American Building has been a fixture in downtown Indianapolis since 1913. When this historic structure was renovated into high-end apartments, safety was just as imperative as luxury. That’s why the developers hired Ryan Fireprotection to install 10 wet sprinkler systems, 1,100 sprinklers, a fire pump, and standpipes.

Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse

Indianapolis, IN

The recent overhaul of Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse’s fire sprinkler system required the installation of 10+ miles of sprinkler line and nearly 4,000 sprinkler heads. The building’s architecture and National Register of Historic Places designation presented challenges that required us to approach the project with innovative thinking and flexibility.

Diamond Chain

Indianapolis, IN

With their fire protection systems beginning to show its age, Diamond Chain contracted with Ryan Fireprotection for a complete renovation. In the first of many project phases, existing fire suppression systems were demolished and new systems were designed, fabricated, and installed. This work had to be completed around the existing manufacturing equipment, with ovens that reach temperatures at or above 1,500 degrees.