Corrosion Management

Corrosion Management

Pipe corrosion is a common cause of fire sprinkler system malfunction and failure. Ryan Fireprotection is experienced in detecting and resolving this issue before it becomes a dangerous and expensive problem. Contact Ryan Fireprotection to schedule an inspection and let us establish an effective corrosion management plan for your facility.
System Analysis for Corrosion

System Analysis

Identifying potential problems caused by corrosion requires a combination of training and experience. Ryan Fireprotection offers routine internal investigations as well as a second opinion on persistent leaks in piping. Our sprinkler professionals will perform the required inspections, confirm system readiness, and provide recommendations.
Nitrogen as a solution to corrosion

The Nitrogen Solution

Ryan Fireprotection has unique expertise in designing and installing nitrogen-based systems. A nitrogen-inerted fire sprinkler system eliminates costly corrosion concerns. And nitrogen provides an environmentally-friendly approach to combatting pipe deterioration.

Prevent Corrosion Before It Starts

Corrosion in a sprinkler system leads to pin-hole leaks and costly service calls. While a repair can patch the immediate problem, this is only a short term fix. If corrosion exists in a fire sprinkler system, there is a good chance oxygen is to blame. Register for one of our upcoming training seminars to learn more about corrosion in fire sprinkler systems and proactive ways to handle it.

University of Notre Dame, Campus Crossroads

South Bend, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed over 6,000 sprinkler heads, 20 wet and dry systems, and two pre-action systems across 19 floors of new construction in two separate wings of this significant project. Our team also installed over 500 heads for the specialty nitrogen dry systems in a lower level parking garage.

Cook Pharmica World Headquarters

Bloomington, IN

The construction of Cook Pharmica’s new world headquarters involved the installation of 26 wet systems, a dry system, three fire pumps, and multiple special hazard systems in the laboratory area.

Purdue University, Honors College

West Lafayette, IN

Construction of the Honors College required the installation of a wet system with over 3,200 sprinkler heads. Space above the ceiling was extremely limited, which required our team to carefully plan and route all mechanicals with expert efficiency. We even performed a nitrogen inerting process to remove oxygen from the water and prevent corrosion.