fire extinguisher education for employees

Fire Extinguisher Training

Sign Your Employees Up For Safety

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Ryan Fireprotection has teamed up with Bullex to offer BullsEye,™ the latest in fire training technology to better prepare your employees for a fire in the workplace. BullsEye is a unique, laser-driven fire extinguishing training experience that utilizes simulated smoke and digital flames to simulate a fire emergency. This training will teach proper fire extinguisher usage techniques in almost any work setting of your choice – near an employee’s desk, in the warehouse, community kitchen and more.

Make sure your employees know what to do when faced with a small fire emergency. OSHA requires employers to provide annual educational programs regarding the general principles of firefighting and proper extinguisher use. With this safe, realistic and cost-effective training system, your company will join thousands of others who are trained to keep their workplaces safe.