Preparing Your Sprinkler System for Winter

The winter months bring harsh weather for many areas, but even those areas not greatly afflicted with freezing temperatures need a winterization plan.

Indiana is known for warmer temperatures during the day and frigid, cold temperatures at night, making it even more important to give your sprinkler system extra attention. With the constant change in temperature, condensation can be a major concern, especially in dry systems.

It is essential to check the low point drain on your system on a regular basis for condensation. “If you notice condensation in your low point drain during the winter, I recommend that you start checking the low point drain on a more frequent basis, as much as one or two times a week depending on the amount of condensation,” said Brad Bojrab, vice president of service at Ryan Fireprotection.

If the building is equipped with a wet sprinkler system, the more pressing concern is keeping temperatures at 40° F or above to ensure water does not freeze in the piping.

As a facility manager or building owner, it is essential to know your sprinkler system, especially where your drains and valves are located. “Being proactive with your sprinkler system and knowing the basics before you have a major issue can end up saving you time and money in the long run,” Bojrab added.

Quick Tips

  • If your dry system is due for a full trip test, which is required every three years in accordance with NFPA 25 handbook, it is best to schedule this for a spring or summer month, because it can take a long time for your system to completely drain.
  • Regular inspections on dry systems should be performed before the temperature reaches freezing and below.
  • After other maintenance is performed in your space, especially in attics, it is recommended to inspect the area to ensure insulation is back in its correct place and covering all necessary piping.
  • A majority of the issues won’t surface until the temperatures start to warm back up above freezing.
  • Check your air compressor to see if it is continually running; this can indicate your system needs to be checked by a Ryan Fireprotection professional.


To have a Ryan Fireprotection professional perform a regular inspection, train you on your sprinkler system or to request assistance with the winterization process, please complete this form or call 1.800.409.7606, and press 1 to be connected to our service department.

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