Understanding NFPA 25 Inspection Deficiencies and Recommendations

The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 25—Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water‑Based Fire Protection Systems is the standard that Ryan Fireprotection follows when inspecting water-based systems, namely sprinkler systems. The NFPA 25 Standard is a living document that is updated periodically by NFPA. The current release is the 2017 edition. A facility needs to be in compliance with the edition of NFPA 25 adopted by their Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This determination is usually made on a state level. So, while the 2017 edition is the most recent edition, it may not necessarily be the one currently adopted by the state. In fact, there is normally a lag in years for an adoption of a new edition. Ryan Fireprotection will inspect based on the applicable edition, but will also be aware of changes that will be coming down the road based on newer editions of the standard.

When a facility is being thoroughly inspected by Ryan Fireprotection professionals, a comprehensive checklist is used. If the facility’s current water-based fire protection system equipment does not meet a specific requirement of NFPA 25, it is called a “deficiency.” All deficiencies are clearly stated in the Ryan Fireprotection report to the building owner or facility manager. When deficiencies are found, it is important to get each one resolved. Ryan Fireprotection’s capable team of technicians can resolve any deficiency found in an inspection.

Sometimes a facility may have no deficiencies, per se; however, Ryan Fireprotection will also note any recommendations for the fire protection system. It is important to understand that while recommendations are not deficiencies per NFPA 25, they are still issues that if not resolved could potentially cause greater property damage or endanger occupants in the event of a fire. This is because NFPA 25 covers only the equipment currently installed. For example, if a facility has a structure or room that does not have an adequate number of sprinkler heads, that would not be categorized as a NFPA 25 deficiency, but Ryan Fireprotection will recommend that one be installed where needed. Any recommendations will be provided in a report with a detailed comment for each issue found.

When a facility is visited by the AHJ, they will request to review the inspection records. The report provided by Ryan Fireprotection should satisfy this record-keeping requirement for building owners, and also serve as proof that your facility’s water-based fire protection system was inspected as required by NFPA 25.

When the AHJ or an insurance provider inspects a facility, they may agree with the recommendations in the report, or they may have their own requirements. What an AHJ requires must be adhered to by the facility even if it goes beyond what is required by NFPA 25. So while it is always important to comply with NFPA 25, it is the not the final word on what may be necessary.

Contact Ryan Fireprotection to schedule an inspection of your water-based fire protection system(s). Ryan Fireprotection professionals can also resolve any deficiencies found and perform any system upgrades as recommended in your report or required by an AHJ or an insurance provider.

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