Indy Trade Show Will Include Polaris Fire & Rescue Vehicles

It’s vital that fire and rescue personnel are able to reach the source of the fire and any people in harm’s way. Polaris Government and defense has added street-legal and indoor-use vehicles that will make fire and rescue personnel even more flexible when it comes to getting exactly where they need to be. The new Polaris RANGER fire and rescue vehicles will be on display at FDIC International April 11-13 in Lucas Oil® Stadium, Indianapolis. You can find them in booth 8229 and the PRO XD will be on display courtesy of Darley Defense.

Fire and rescue professionals have been using Polaris’ RANGER since 1998, because the vehicle improves response time by allowing them to reach fires and people in danger in challenging locations. The RANGER firefighting units have excellent mobility and are ideal for getting through narrow passages and traversing rough terrains such as off-road trails, beaches, and parks. Because they are small vehicles, they also allow fire and rescue personnel to respond in heavily populated areas such as city events.

The Taylor-Dunn Bigfoot is Polaris’ all-electric vehicle, which is designed to be used indoors and on closed campuses. The options available for the Bigfoot include non-marking tires, rescue skid, attendant seat, emergency lighting, AED and medical bag storage areas, siren, and firefighting equipment. The amazing fire and rescue tools that are available on this compact electric vehicle are very impressive.

The GEM eL XD is Polaris’ all-electric street-legal fire and rescue vehicle. The GEM has a full gurney, attendant seat, oxygen bottle bracket, two IV bag clips, and optional AED and medical bag storage. This vehicle is sustainable and has low operating costs because it does not require gasoline.

The PRO XD is Polaris’ diesel utility task vehicle. It’s designed for tough work and has an increased payload, greater durability, and better serviceability. It can be customized to fit a department’s needs, including the ability to add fire and rescue equipment.

Polaris works with industry expert RKO Enterprises, who develops the skids and integrates the equipment to make adjustments and customizations simple and easy. Each vehicle has the option for the rear equipment skids to be removed. Custom graphics can also be added in order to help it match the rest of the fleet. Polaris fire and rescue RANGER, PRO XD, GEM and Taylor-Dunn vehicles are available for government discount pricing. Customers can contact the Polaris Government and Defense team for more information, or to request a quote.

Be sure to check out these great new vehicles at FDIC International April 11-13 in Lucas Oil® Stadium, Indianapolis.



Apr 10, 2019 | Industry News

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