Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN


Ryan Fireprotection is experienced in fire protection systems for unique facilities that host major events and welcome thousands of visitors each year. The NFPA has established fire code requirements that specifically apply to such venues. Whether it’s a stadium, church, museum, or convention center, Ryan Fireprotection has the expertise and resources to install and maintain fire systems that are most appropriate for a given application.

Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse

Indianapolis, IN

The recent overhaul of Birch Bayh Federal Courthouse’s fire sprinkler system required the installation of 10+ miles of sprinkler line and nearly 4,000 sprinkler heads. The building’s architecture and National Register of Historic Places designation presented challenges that required us to approach the project with innovative thinking and flexibility.

Beck’s Hangar

Zionsville, IN

The 19,000-square-foot hangar at Beck’s is large enough to house four planes. Although that’s spacious, the fire protection equipment had to be engineered to fit in very limited space. Ryan Fireprotection designed and installed one wet system, one dry system, one high expansion foam system, and two underground fire pumps between two concrete water storage tanks.

Hawker Beechcraft

Indianapolis, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed a 100,000-gallon water tank and a fire pump with 4,200 GP foam generators in the hangar at Hawker Beechcraft. Due to the volatile nature of the assets in these areas, all mechanicals were made explosion-proof. The generators provide maximum protection, releasing foam that can cover the entire hangar six-feet deep in less than two minutes.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis, IN

The control tower at Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an iconic symbol of world class racing. Ryan Fireprotection installed a nine-story anti-freeze fire sprinkler system, along with a fire pump and anti-freeze holding tanks to ensure this structure stands tall for at least another century.

West Baden Springs Hotel

West Baden Springs, IN

Now part of French Lick Resort, West Baden Springs Hotel has been restored to its original opulence. A historic renovation of this scale requires specialized knowledge of fire codes and architectural considerations. Our team installed over 20 wet and dry sprinkler systems, as well as standpipes, a fire pump, and a water canon deluge.

Indiana Convention Center

Indianapolis, IN

When it was originally built in the 1970s, the Indiana Convention Center covered the span of about two blocks. Now, after multiple expansions, it covers six blocks and is the 16th-largest convention center in the United States. During the most recent expansion project, Ryan Fireprotection installed multiple fire sprinkler systems, including wet, dry, and pre-action.

Omni Hotel

Nashville, TN

Located across the street from Nashville’s Music City Center and connected to the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the Omni Hotel offers a unique visitor experience. To help keep guests safe as they enjoy Nashville, Ryan Fireprotection installed 33 wet systems, five dry systems, three nitrogen systems, as well as fire pumps and standpipes.

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Home to the Indiana Pacers and the Indiana Fever, Bankers Life Fieldhouse opened in 1999 and is one of the nation’s most admired sports and entertainment venues. It regularly hosts the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Big Ten basketball tournaments, concerts by the world’s premiere entertainers, and many other high-profile athletic competitions and special events. Every day, talented performers and spectators alike visit this magnificent facility that’s brimming with architectural beauty and valuable assets. Ryan Fireprotection was a part of the construction team, installing over 5,000 sprinkler heads, 17 fire protection systems, and a 1,250 GPM electric fire pump.