Pulliam Square


Apartment buildings can be home to hundreds of residents who rely on their property management company for housing, amenities, and above all… safety. Ryan Fireprotection specializes in protecting multi-family housing and provides unparalleled 24/7 customer service to the property managers who operate them. Trust Ryan to not only install the appropriate fire protection systems, but also to train and educate staff members on the proper operation and maintenance of the fire protection equipment we install.

360 Market Square

Indianapolis, IN

Built on the site of the former Market Square Arena, 360 Market Square is the newest luxury high-rise to dot the Indianapolis skyline. Featuring both wet and dry systems, this 28-story structure required more than 5,000 sprinkler heads and a fire pump in the basement. Ryan Fireprotection expertly installed specially designed flexible pipe to match the exterior curves and elliptical design of the structure.


Lockerbie Lofts

Indianapolis, IN

Lockerbie Lofts features four separate buildings and a connected parking garage. We installed a dry system in the garage, but also brought water from the city into a heated mechanical room in this exposed area. We then dropped the pipes five feet below the garage floor to protect against freezing and ran the water lines to each apartment building.

333 Penn

Indianapolis, IN

The American Building has been a fixture in downtown Indianapolis since 1913. When this historic structure was renovated into high-end apartments, safety was just as imperative as luxury. That’s why the developers hired Ryan Fireprotection to install 10 wet sprinkler systems, 1,100 sprinklers, a fire pump, and standpipes.

R&T Lofts

Des Moines, IA

The 14-story Des Moines Register building opened in 1918, with a four-story addition added in 1947. When TWG decided to turn the building into apartments and a dining/entertainment venue, they enlisted our help. Circumventing the challenges that often come with retrofitting an older building with many additions, we successfully installed 15 wet and dry systems and an electric high-pressure fire pump.

Axis Apartments

Indianapolis, IN

Luxury residence buildings like Axis Apartments are in high demand in downtown Indianapolis. During this new construction, Ryan Fireprotection installed over 11,000 sprinklers, standpipes, and a dry system in this four-story mixed-use building that also features over 40,000 square feet of retail space.

Pulliam Square & The Whit

Indianapolis, IN

The first floor of Pulliam 1 features retail space and a loading dock, requiring our team to install a dry system that will not freeze. Floors 2-5 are apartments with wet systems. We are preparing to continue the wet system into Pulliam 2, the new nine-story building, via a second-floor skywalk from Pulliam 1.

Illinois Street Senior Apartments

Indianapolis, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed a wet system in this historic four-story building, but two-thirds of the first floor was a parking garage that required a dry system. Designing innovative solutions that make sense and reduce project times cost are things we do every day, and we put our expertise into practice for this renovation.

Axis on Washington

Louisville, KY

This complex is comprised of three five-story buildings, with garage space below. We installed wet systems with over 4,500 sprinkler heads in the residential areas, a standpipe system, and a dry system in the attic. These buildings are unusually tall for wood structures, which required us to create a bird cage system to hang the pipes securely.

A Historic Renovation On Chicago’s South Side

Rosenwald Courts, Chicago, IL

Ryan Fireprotection recently assisted with the renovation of Rosenwald Courts on Chicago’s south side. The 420-unit apartment complex, which had been vacant for over 15 years, spans an entire city block and boasts a rich history and famous former tenants. Ryan Fireprotection designed and installed 19 fire protection systems, including 16 wet sprinkler systems and 3 trash chute systems, for this magnificent building originally built in 1929.

Like many renovation projects, Rosenwald Courts presented a number of unique challenges. During demolition, the construction team discovered some unforeseen structural issues that required flexibility and ultimately an alternative plan for the fire protection systems. By being able to adapt our original plans, we achieved quick and smart solutions to issues that could have otherwise delayed the project.