Music City Center, Nashville, TN

Mixed Use

There is no one-size fits all approach when dealing with mixed use properties. Ryan Fireprotection understands the potential challenges associated with fire protection systems in mixed use buildings.

Eddy Street Commons

South Bend, IN

The four buildings that comprise Eddy Street Commons were constructed simultaneously, which required Ryan Fireprotection to dispatch significant resources to install the wet systems in the apartments, retail space, and University of Notre Dame administration building, as well as a dry system in the parking garage, in only 12 months.

360 Market Square

Indianapolis, IN

Built on the site of the former Market Square Arena, 360 Market Square is the newest luxury high-rise to dot the Indianapolis skyline. Featuring both wet and dry systems, this 28-story structure required more than 5,000 sprinkler heads and a fire pump in the basement. Ryan Fireprotection expertly installed specially designed flexible pipe to match the exterior curves and elliptical design of the structure.

Ironworks Hotel

Indianapolis, IN

This five-story boutique hotel on the north side of Indianapolis required expert installation of a new wet sprinkler system. The mixed-use space on the first floor has a restaurant on one side of the lobby and retail space on the other. The contemporary design of the building features exposed mechanicals and ductwork, offering a rare opportunity to see our team’s ingenuity in plain sight.

Rosenwald Courts

Chicago, IL

We designed and installed 19 fire protection systems, including 16 wet sprinkler systems and three trash chute systems, for the renovation of this historic building on Chicago’s south side. During demolition, the construction team discovered unforeseen structural issues that required flexibility and an alternate plan for the fire protection systems. By adapting our designs and installation plans, we achieved quick and smart solutions.

Music City Center

Nashville, TN

Built in 2013 to encourage organizations to bring their conventions to Nashville, Music City Center has hosted everything from home and auto shows to the Wizard World Comic-Con. Ryan Fireprotection installed 19,500 sprinkler heads and 85 fire suppression systems, including underground, pre-action, and dry, in this 2.1-million-square-foot facility.

R&T Lofts

Des Moines, IA

The 14-story Des Moines Register building opened in 1918, with a four-story addition added in 1947. When TWG decided to turn the building into apartments and a dining/entertainment venue, they enlisted our help. Circumventing the challenges that often come with retrofitting an older building with many additions, we successfully installed 15 wet and dry systems and an electric high-pressure fire pump.


Multiple Locations Across Indiana

Sandor manages retail space across Indiana and they trust Ryan Fireprotection to keep those spaces safe and code compliant. It requires expertise and dedication to detect issues early and proactively resolve them. We do this by providing quarterly inspections rather than annual. Regular testing allows us to stay ahead of any potential problems, which may only be apparent to our team of experts.