Diamond Chain, Indianapolis, IN


Light and heavy industrial customers come to Ryan Fireprotection because we know the ins and outs of fire protection in the industrial sector. These are enormous facilities involving complex operations, all of which must be carefully considered when upgrading or installing a fire protection system. Of course, there are also many NFPA and OSHA regulations that must be followed, and they’re changing all the time. The Ryan Fireprotection team of expert technical engineers remains current with the regulations and codes to ensure your facility is both safe and compliant.

Industrial Facilities We Serve

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturers
  • Distribution Centers
  • Power and Energy Plants
  • Food Processing Plants

Our Industrial Code Expertise

W. W. Grainger Industrial Supply

Louisville, KY

This FM Global-insured project was massive in scale and demanded strict adherence to industry requirements, including special PSI standards. Ryan Fireprotection installed more than 20,000 sprinkler heads over a 1.45-million-square-foot area that featured specialty AFFF foam in an area that stores highly flammable aerosol liquid.

Rolls Royce

Indianapolis, IN

This project started in 2001 and is being phased over several years. All told, Ryan Fireprotection is installing 22 wet systems and three specialty systems. This massive undertaking is powered by two fire pumps, one electric and the other diesel. The size, duration, and degree of specialty involved are all a testament to our expertise and customer service.

Allison Transmission

Indianapolis, IN

During a recent renovation at Allison Transmission, Ryan Fireprotection installed flexible sprinkler heads in existing control rooms and their adjacent test cells, and a dry sidewall sprinkler to protect an exterior nitrogen storage tank located directly outside of the building.

Diamond Chain

Indianapolis, IN

With their fire protection systems beginning to show its age, Diamond Chain contracted with Ryan Fireprotection for a complete renovation. In the first of many project phases, existing fire suppression systems were demolished and new systems were designed, fabricated, and installed. This work had to be completed around the existing manufacturing equipment, with ovens that reach temperatures at or above 1,500 degrees.

Allpoints Midwest

Plainfield, IN

A sprawling, modern distribution park located outside Indianapolis, AllPoints Midwest consists of 950 acres of land and more than 13 million square feet of distribution space. Ryan Fireprotection leveraged our expertise in industrial facilities to install two water storage tanks, 30 ESFR sprinkler systems, and diesel and electric fire pumps.

Clariant Global

Louisville, KY

For the recent expansion of Clariant’s manufacturing facility, Ryan Fireprotection designed and installed multiple special hazard systems that use infrared/ultraviolet flame detection for immediate warnings, combined with fire pumps and foam suppression to protect the raw material and finished product inventories.  Clean agent systems were implemented in data processing rooms to protect high-value assets and maintain operations in the event of a fire.

FedEx SmartPost Hub

Indianapolis, IN

FedEx introduced SmartPost to help address the need for more cost-effective solutions for residential shipping. To manage the high volume, FedEx has 25 hubs throughout the United States, including a facility in Indianapolis. During construction, Ryan Fireprotection installed five dry sprinkler systems.

Bluegrass Chemical Agent Destruction Plant

Richmond, KY

This structure was fabricated with a web of steel beams that had to be explosion-proof, which made installation of fire protection systems (wet, dry, pre-action, and high-speed deluge) complex. We were on-site over the course of two years to complete the project, with most of our work done on scaffolding that was hand-assembled and moved each day.

Walmart Distribution Center

Plainfield, IN

Ryan Fireprotection installed 30,000 sprinkler heads in this warehouse facility that covers over one million square feet. We also protected four gigantic pick modules, each four levels high, with an additional 4,000 sprinklers each, and added two fire pumps to support storage and office space. Our team provides ongoing fire protection services as this facility continues to expand.