What Is A Fire Pump?

Fire pumps control a sprinkler system. By using electricity, steam, or diesel power, they maintain the water supply and its pressure. The fire pump system pushes water to each sprinkler head. Each individual sprinkler head is equipped with a heat-sensitive glass bulb or a two-part metal link plug that is designed to melt, shatter, or dissolve when extreme heat is present, which allows the water to move freely through the sprinkler head and put out a fire.

Even when the plug is removed, a sprinkler system won’t be able to put out a fire if the fire pump isn’t working properly, which can result in building and equipment damage. This is why regular maintenance and servicing is required. Typical problems with fire pumps include faulty pump suction, malfunctioning valve alarms, improperly operating relief valves, and more.

Ryan Fireprotection services fire pumps by repairing, repacking, and testing for proper operation.

Aug 9, 2015 | RyaFire Pumps

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