An up to date, fully functional fire protection system is extremely important to the safety of a building. Ensuring that regular inspections are performed is the best way to ensure that a system is functioning properly, but general education about fire regulations should also be considered valuable. While fire regulations vary from town to town and state to state, there are a variety of resources available that provide education about fire protection systems and the fire regulations most pertinent to a specific area.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

The NFPA is the best resource for any fire safety or fire protection system questions. The association has been in existence since 1896. They provide information about codes, standards, regulations, fire safety training, and a variety of other related topics. The NFPA website is a great source for fire safety industry news and publications as well.

United States Department of Labor (OSHA)

OSHA’s website is a great source for employers and employees to learn about rules and regulations regarding evacuation plans and procedures, construction fire safety, and other kinds of fire protection information. The resources provided by OSHA will be aimed at employees and employers, and may not always be city- or state-specific.

State Government Websites

For the most pertinent information for a specific state, visit that state’s government website. This is where you’ll find regulations and other resources for specific sites. Even if the information provided isn’t clear, the site will provide contact information for the person who can answer any questions.

Fire Protection Companies

A fire protection company can easily be the best resource for finding the best possible answer to your question—without a lot of research. Don’t just go to any fire protection company though, make sure they are qualified to answer your question. A good fire protection company is going to have loyal clients and plenty of experience.