Essential Business: 800 N. Capitol Fire

A fire that broke out the morning of April 21st at 800 N. Capitol in downtown Indianapolis is an unfortunate example of why Ryan Fireprotection remains an essential business. Our staff is available 24/7 during this pandemic to ensure the safety of our customers. We proudly installed the sprinkler system and we continue to inspect and service all of the fire safety equipment onsite. The suppression system helped ensure the rooftop fire did not spread to residential units. The alarm system notified all of the residents, as intended, so everyone was able to safely exit the building. We understand the challenges of scheduling inspections and maintenance on your fire systems during this pandemic, but protecting your people and assets is as important as ever. Ryan Fireprotection is here to ensure your fire systems remain fully functional and compliant when needed most.



Apr 24, 2020 | Company News

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