Corrosion In Your Fire Sprinkler System

There have been many misconceptions over the years as to what causes corrosion in a fire sprinkler system. There are three main misconceptions.

  1. Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (aka MIC)
  2. I have bad pipes
  3. I have bad water

The truth is, oxygen is the main cause of corrosion in a fire sprinkler system. It takes oxygen, water, and metal to react to cause corrosion. The solution to this is to use a source of nitrogen, a series of vents and protocols to achieve an inert atmosphere inside your fire sprinkler system, that being 98% or higher nitrogen. Without oxygen, corrosion cannot occur in your fire sprinkler system.

If you are experiencing leaks in your fire sprinkler system, it is likely that you are in an advanced state of corrosion. The next step is for you to contact your fire sprinkler contractor to discuss if nitrogen is the right choice for you.

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