5 Amazing Fire Protection Technologies

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The use of drones in fighting fires has become increasingly widespread. When new technology can be used to increase safety, everyone wins. By providing an overhead view of the scene of the fire, drones allow fire service men and women to better assess the situation and direct their efforts. Drones can also have thermal cameras, which allow firefighters to identify people trapped in the upper levels of a building. Since drones can also be used for delivery, firefighters have used them to deliver automated external defibrillators and other emergency supplies. Drones have also been used to film how fires behave so that fire service experts can analyze burn patterns and utilize the data for training.

Sound Wave Fire Extinguisher
Science and imagination can combine to create amazing inventions. The sound wave fire extinguisher is a great example of what can be created when bright minds think outside the box. Two engineering students at George Mason University were able to build a successful prototype that costs $600 to build. This extinguisher is chemical-free and water-free and uses sound waves to separate burning fuel from oxygen, and we all know fire needs oxygen to keep burning.

This invention can only handle small fires since it does not contain a coolant. It has potential for in-home use since it is a non-destructive way to put out a fire. Although some researchers think that pairing this technology with drones could aid in fighting larger fires.

Eco-Friendly Fire Suppression Products
Fire trucks have been getting greener but another eco-friendly trend is clean fire suppression agents. Some companies prefer alternative fire suppression products that will not destroy all the data on their servers and computer systems. Some companies simply want to utilize cleaner solutions that will not harm the environment. One such product is TetraKO, which is a corn starch-based water enhancer. TetraKO sticks to vertical and ceiling surfaces and can be pumped through standard fire equipment. Another green fire suppression product is Novec 1230 Clean Agent, which combines safety, low environmental impact, and excellent performance.

Video Image Smoke Detection
Video Image Smoke Detection (VISD) analyzes video images to detect smoke in a building. In open area facilities with high ceilings, high airflow and smoke stratification can prevent smoke from reaching traditional detectors. VISD is able to detect the presence of smoke at its source, which means the fire can be detected very early. Plus, those monitoring the video can see exactly where the source of the fire is located.

Exit Point Audible Notification
Exit Point Audible Notification is a simple yet ingenious product. Fires create smoke, confusion, and panic and that combination can lead to disorientation, injury, or even death. When fires occur, people often try to exit the same way they entered, but that is not always the fastest or safest way out. And when people are panicked, they don’t always spot exit signs. Exit Point Audible Notification is an audible exit sign that helps people find the nearest exit. It also guides them out of the building quickly and safely. This technology is an example of how simple improvements to safety systems can have a huge impact.



Mar 18, 2019 | Industry News

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