Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Ryan Fireprotection offers inspection, testing, and maintenance of a complete array of fire protection systems. We provide detailed reports and inform you of any improvements your current system may need to ensure optimal performance in the event of a fire.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance:

Ryan Fireprotection performs regular annual fire sprinkler inspections as well as the required quarterly flow tests. We physically inspect components of your fire sprinkler system to ensure they are functioning properly. We also perform the following tests:

  • Water Flow Tests
  • Fire Pump Tests
  • Alarm System Tests
  • Trip Tests for Dry Pipe, Pre-Action, and Deluge Valves

If our tests reveal any issues with your fire sprinkler system, our technicians are equipped to repair and maintain your system for optimal performance.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Maintenance:

Ryan Fireprotection performs mandated fire extinguisher inspections for facilities around the Midwest. The inspection ensures each extinguisher is fully functional in case of an emergency. A complete fire extinguisher inspection includes:

  • Confirming That Extinguishing Agent Is Full
  • Checking All External Parts to Verify They Appear Operational
  • Inspecting Cylinder to Ensure It Is Holding the Proper Pressure

If we find any defects with your fire extinguishers, we are equipped to address those issues so that you can feel secure in your facility.

Fire Alarm Inspection and Maintenance:

Ryan Fireprotection’s skilled technicians conduct comprehensive fire alarm inspections to ensure that your systems are operating at peak efficiency. We thoroughly inspect your control panels, bells, flow switches, and door holders. We then handle all necessary repairs and upgrades to keep your fire alarm and detection system operating optimally.

Special Hazards Inspection and Maintenance:

Ryan Fireprotection’s skilled technicians are specially trained to inspect and repair special hazard systems. Our inspection services include:

  • Cylinder Pressure and Weight Verifications
  • Changes in Hazard Integrity
  • Shutdown and Evacuation Circuit Verification
  • Inspection of Agent Piping and Nozzles
  • Input and Output Circuit Supervision
  • Simulate System Discharge and Test Releasing Circuits
  • Hydrotest Dates for Cylinders and Discharge Hoses

Clean Foam Testing:

Ryan Fireprotection is an official distributor of Planit Safe™ clean foam testing liquid, which was developed by Vector Fire Technology. While protecting the environment and public health from possible adverse impacts of foam solution discharge, this test method can save facility owners thousands of dollars and provide highly accurate, reproducible results.

Dedicated Account Management

Dedicated Account Management

Because Ryan Fireprotection assigns a dedicated account manager to each customer, we build a relationship that’s forged by trust and expertise. The account manager gains a strong working knowledge of each facility, providing peace of mind for building owners and property managers.
Online Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The Ryan Fireprotection customer portal is designed to easily and proactively manage a facility’s inspection and maintenance records. After-service reports and inspection forms are available to review online, and when our technicians find deficiencies, we send online quotes for the required repairs simultaneously with the inspection report.
24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Even with proper inspection, testing, and maintenance, a fire system can demand emergency service. Ryan Fireprotection provides 24/7 emergency service via our live answering service, so that your fire protection equipment receives the attention it needs right away.

The Importance of Obstruction Investigations

Internal pipe corrosion creates dangerous build-up that prevents the proper flow of water and leading to system malfunction or failure. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires an internal inspection of piping every five years or sooner if conditions demand it, in order to monitor corrosion levels in the piping. Following an internal inspection, an obstruction investigation may be required to ensure that piping, valves and other components don’t become obstructed to the point of failure.

Owensboro Regional Hospital

Owensboro, KY

The hospital found that patients were occasionally damaging the fire sprinkler heads, which would activate the wet sprinkler system and cause damage to the entire wing. We converted the wet system to a pre-action system, and now provide inspections and service to keep this top-notch facility code compliant and its patients safe.

Valparaiso University

Valparaiso, IN

When Valparaiso University expanded their science department by adding a new building, they discovered a challenge that Ryan Fireprotection was uniquely able to solve: replacing the antiquated high-voltage alarm system with a new one while the original system still in use. We managed this with skill and precision so that students and faculty could continue their scientific pursuits continue uninterrupted.


Multiple Locations Across Indiana

Sandor manages retail space across Indiana and they trust Ryan Fireprotection to keep those spaces safe and code compliant. It requires expertise and dedication to detect issues early and proactively resolve them. We do this by providing quarterly inspections rather than annual. Regular testing allows us to stay ahead of any potential problems, which may only be apparent to our team of experts.

Cambria Suites

Westfield, IN

This hotel just north of Indianapolis reached out to Ryan Fireprotection to keep their guests safe. Our team provided a thorough inspection of the facilities, then installed fire extinguishers and cases at the proper locations. Safety, code compliance, and unparalleled customer service – it’s why the best places to stay, stay with us.

Reid Hospital

Richmond, IN

Reid Hospital is a huge facility, spanning multiple properties across several city blocks, and Ryan Fireprotection is proud to partner with them as they grow. We provide installation, maintenance and inspections across their growing properties and departments.